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We Understand!


No one knows the nature of its operations, what works well and what does not, better than the members of that organization. We know that the key to successfully implementing complex technologies as a single agency, or as an interoperable organization - is "practicality".


Far too often - an organization is required to modify their business practices in order to fit the technology. While this strategy may work for some organizations some of the time, our experience has shown us that for First Responder organizations, this approach can risk adopting the proper "technology/business fit" required to give members what they need in order to complete their mission at hand. This is especially true around the situations that occur during an incident. A bad fit will likely become a burdon on member moral, valuable people resources and funding can be wasted - all jepardizing the project success and potentially increasing risk to lives and property.


Our services focus on practical strategic planning and implementations for Fire Service agencies. We help organizations identify and implement practical technical solutions to the challenges that the agency, its personnel and the community face today.


Our dedication to implementing Information Systems Technology that fit's the client's business model and culture, based on the agency's unique requirements, is our key objective on every project. 


"Experience From The Inside"


The AnchorPoint Solution's staff have a unique combination of experience with fire service, information technology and issues related to public safety in general. Staff expertise includes analysis and implementation of the following fire systems: Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Record Management Systems (RMS), Emergency Management, Pre-incident Planning, Medical Information,Staffing and other related subsystems.








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